Sunday, December 6, 2009


Our beloved pets Reeses and Peanut. They just turned 10 on November 4th. Last night around 9:30 pm Reeses passed away. Our hearts are broken and we wonder how different life will now be without her.

She always was willing to be the silly one, but more than anything she was Craig's cat. His lap was rarely empty when he was sitting either on the couch or at his computer. She would fall asleep at night in the crook of his arm, either giving herself a good wash or washing Craig's arm.

The minute Craig took off his shirt she would be rolling around in it, we never could figure out if it was to get her scent on him or his on her.

Reeses you were such a wonderful part of our lives for 10 years. We cherish the memories you gave to us and I know we will meet again. if I see a ghost cat with wings I know it will be you.

Peanut will miss you so much but I promise we will taker very good care of her until she goes to meet with you again.

We love you and we will miss you every minute of day for the rest of our lives.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Finally more from down Under to Up Over

This is our Paw Paw tree out front of the house, lots of fruit but heaven knows when it will ripen enough to eat. I can't wait as I have never had this kind of fruit before.
So who has seen the movie "How Green was My Valley"? This is one of our valleys and it is certainly lush and green after all the rain we have had over the past little while.

Our Avocado tree has produced one fruit this year, a first for us. Our Mango tree also had a nice fruit on it but it was still low enough to the ground that the Kangaroos decided it was for them.

A young and still short orange tree in our front yard. It produced about 20 oranges this year so its been fresh OJ and fruit. really lovely.

Some type of Maple tree behind the house has dropped its leaves and it looks like a yellow carpet back there.

Our new built in BBQ.

Craig's hard work at Lisarow and planning and planting our winter garden. The nice thing about living down here is we can grow veggies all year round.

Our pumpkins growing over the sides and up into the Banana trees. P.S. we also had fresh bananas this year ........yummy.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Pictured here are Goofie the white one and Thumbalina a miniature black rabbit. We lost Goofie this week, after 8 years. Although he was good friends with Thumby he never really got over losing his friend Muffy last year. So now they are together again in our little cemetery dedicated to our pets. We were so worried about Thumby being lonely and letting herself die that we gave her to the daughter of friends who will give plenty of attention and hopefully she will live another year or two, although she is also getting up there in age.

our little Goofers again.

And little (literally) Thumbalina.

Farewell to another friend, we will miss you and your antics. Say hello to Muffy for us.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Images from the farm

Our early morning visitors looking for a quick snack.

Isn't this pair of King Parrots lovely? As usual the bright red one is the male with the female being a more subdued green and red.
The Wallabie is still hanging around as he knows if we put out the bird seed he gets some too.
And he was right! As the King rifles through the seeds on the bird feeder he sends some flying and the wallabie is all too willing to catch them. Not that he really has to as we put seeds on the ground for him too.

This picture is a beauty of our friend the King. All in all we have 3 breeding pairs around the house this year. We are so glad to have them back as they seem to have been scarce over the past couple of years.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Early Morning, but where is the early bird...

As the twilight hits our Peacocks find their roosts in the tall trees and here one is settling in for a night.

The evil wallaby of the glowing eyes clan. If he thinks he can be easily hidden by the lemons I think he had been eating some wackie tobaccie.
And Moses thought he saw a burning bush! This is our Corrella (ornamental) Pear tree. We will one day get miniature pears from it but in the meantime the autumn colours on it are wonderful. Believe it or not but this was only taken a coule of weeks dropped its leaves just on time for spring.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another Week

Seeds from our, as we call it, Curry tree. It can get pretty peppery let me tell you.

One of our perfect lemons.
A hawk decided to spread it wings and look for lunch. When this occurred everything went completely quiet. They weren't going to be his lunch.
Close up view, even if it is a little fuzzy.
Our beautiful Flame........head honcho of our little herd.

And Lady our Arabian
Views of the area.
The hawk soars over again.

Black Camp Creek.

The fallen trees make for great firewood in the winter, that is as long as they aren't some little animals home.
This is another shot ofo the creek and watercress along the side.
can we tell Craig has been playing with the colour enhancer?
Proof that we do have some deciduous trees in this country.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Lets follow the creek shall we? Down through the paddock we go .........

and we come to the Black Camp Creek watching it flow through our property and on to others with its fresh water. Over the rocks and grass with its teaming life....mostly miroscopic....
But wait! This is certainly not a microscope and that guy is big enough to eat little ducklings. He is a fresh water eel and I am glad that breeding season is over for the ducks. He is ugly but indigenous to the area so we will leave him be...........for the moment. Just for interest's sake these guys can move across wetland areas to new creeks and ponds whenever the urge takes them. Their front fins act as rudamentary legs.
The creek continues over the small falls and rapids....

meandering through the fields like a young child picking flowers.

As it passes it turns everything to a lovely green and gives life to many species of animals.